decentralized content on the web


We don't like ebay, twitter, facebook and all the other data silos. We have the internet, everybody can have a blog, website or any other publishing tool. There are search engines. And microformats. So, why not decentralize it?

After talking to Nils and Fabio, and having a shower, the following might need to needed to decentralize a bit more on the web:


Content publishing. Somebody has a blog/website/publishing tool that can publish content in different microformats. Amongst these there could be:

  1. offered - an item to be sold
  2. wantend - an item wanted to buy
  3. comment - a comment in refereal to a url
  4. summary - a summary of a url / urls. Nice to include into discussions from time to time.
  5. a job search with skills and interest areas
  6. a project offer, with skills required and area of work
  7. CVs
  8. reviews
  9. personal information
  10. tags (on a url), especiall a 'no-spam' tag

Aggregation systems. Basically like google, but specialized on picking up content. They might require registration, or only pick up content that was tagged 'no-spam' by trusted (no-spammer) people. These sites can then either feed out the data, or make them available in web interfaces

PubSub. To have a more real time experience it would be nice to have some form of publish subscribe, e.g. like pubsubhubbub. The aggregators would subscribe to the publishing tools using this, and would immediately be informed of updates. Or maybe jabber / xmpp can be used.

Spam prevention. There might be some form of ping mechanism for comments - e.g. I might want to include comments that other people have written on their sites. But I don't want to include spam. Hence I would only want to accept pings from sites that somebody in my network has tagged 'no-spam'.

Data protection. For each and every piece of information I want to be able to set who can see what. E.g. I might have a general cv, viewable to the public. It might contain information that only certain people might see (openid might help here)

Payment. E.g. an aggregator may want to charge for listing me in the search results. Having to go through a whole paypal payment process is clumsy, and we don't really want paypal to know everything I do. It might be better to be able to glue an electronic coin to my request, pretty much like postage. Opencoin might help here. Of course, also complementary currencies could/should be supported.