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downloading rtsp streams

by Jörg Baach last modified Nov 08, 2011 01:41 AM
Downloading some recordings from the plone symposium east 2011 site.

There are some nice session recordings on

Problem: there are streamed, not downloadable. But I'd like to have them for watching while on the train etc.

What have I found out?

I manually took the ids of the recordings that were interesting to me from the respective pages that link to them, and wrote a script that scrapes the actual 'movie pages' for the stream url (it contains session titles etc.).

This is the script:

import urllib2, re, os
streams = dict([(s[0],s[1]) for s in [l.split() for l in open('streams.txt').readlines()] if len(s)==2])

for name, num in streams.items():
pageurl = '' % num
page = urllib2.urlopen(pageurl).read()
result = re.findall('<param name="QTSRC" value="(.*?\.mp4)"/>',page)
movieurl = result[0]
command = '/usr/bin/vlc -Irc %s --sout=file/mp4:/home/joerg/Desktop/plonemovs/%s.mp4 vlc://quit' % (movieurl,name)
print command
print 'fini'

This is the data file, should be calles 'streams'.txt:

roadmap 13416
uwosh_timeslot 13419
connexions 13422
community 13425
easyslideshow 13428
kerberos 13431
sprint_intro 13434
addons 13359
jenkins 13407
accessibility 13389
theming 13260
accessible_integrator 13398
marketing 13368
plonevote 13395
agile1 13353
agile2 13356
migrating 13401
frontline1 13257
frontline2 13263
cloud 13392
workflow 13347
responsive 13344
laboratory 13362
subsites 13440
zopeskel1 13410
zopeskel2 13413
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