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Searching for a new ebook reader

So far it seems that all alternatives are not quite there yet. What I mainly need is:

Pocketbook 903

Its big enough, but so far the notetaking capabilities for pdfs are poor (but improving).

Update: I have a device now. The first I got had a bad screen, but I could send it back without any problems. The current device works quite fine. The notetaking works kind of ok. Kind of ok means that a comparison to a normal tablet (e.g. ipad) wants to make you cry. But only when it comes to user interface, the screen is quite good. Its not pearl though, so not much of a visible improvement to the prs 505. I am running the current firmware 2.1.2 rc2

Boox M90

Big enough, one video suggests that its rather slow with pdf and notetaking, they have hardware issues and I don't see too many firmware updates

jetbook color

This seems to be an interesting one: it is a 9,7" reader that uses color e-ink (triton)


It seems to be available in Russia, but according to someone on phone from the german website they don't recommend ordering accross the russion border.

I had an offer to buy it directly in the US, the contact there was very friendly. Have decided against it in the end, because the screen seemed to be just too slow, and also the resolution wasn't that great.