Finding a decent 4k UHD 32" Monitor


About finding a new large monitor, and calibrating it.

I needed a new monitor - an old one gave up after 10 years of intensive use.


After looking at some monitors I found out that my criteria are:

What I don't need: highly accurate colors, bells and whistles.

In my naive understanding those are not outworldy requirements, but criteria that would describe what I would call a "normal" monitor.


As a sidenote: I use the Eizo screen on top of a white table with a black keyboard - which gives the impression of a slight dark shadow in the bottom of the screen. This can be fixed by removing the keyboard :-)

Calibrating with a SpyderX

I tried an i1display pro with the DisplayCal software, and it worked nicely out of the box. But I had to return it to friend who lent it to me. So I tried a SpyderX colorimeter. Things I learned:

  1. On windows the drivers of ArgyllCMS for DisplayCal and the native drivers of SpyderX are mutually exclusive.
  2. DisplayCal does a device calibration of the SpyderX at the beginning. That failed along the lines of "too much light". Turns out the problem with light is actual an issue with temperature. Now I use my hands to quickly warm up the device before doing the calibration.

Using it

Just a tiny sidenote, completely non-technical: my instinct was to sit further away from the new 32" then I did from my 24". Because the screen is so big. Now that I sit at my usual viewing distance everything is just perfect again!