Lapchop - a foldable laptop stand below 20g, made from recycled parts

laptop, diy

Want to have a laptop stand? Want to have it portable? Want it to be cheap?

Check out the video of the stand in action.

Laptop stand in travel mode

We will need:

I drilled (using my pocket knife) a hole in the bottom of each chopstick, and orthogonal to that a whole into the top of the stick. Next I took the casing from the ballpen (the grey and green thing). Now, fiddle the string through the wholes and the ballpen, tie a knot at the end, and you are done. The string basically follows a figure 8 pattern - at the bottom the string starts, goes to the ballpen casing, through that, up to the top of one stick, to the other top, goes back down to the casing, back through it, down to the bottom of the sticks.

Laptop stand ready for action