My experience with magnet internet


Living abroad and getting addicted to very good internet

When I arrived in Ireland the internet connection situation was a bit improvable. 1 MB, lots of problems, etc. About a year ago our house switched to Magnet, and things went uphill in a way that is now even the envy of many of my german techie friends. 20 mbit connection, 1 mbit up, with that speed being constantly available. And coming with that are real IPs, which is great for me as a web coder.

On the downside Magnet sends out a plug and play broadband router, which works great, but where I can't adjust anything - only nice if you don't like playing with the toys. Once I had a little technical problem with the router, which I could have fixed myself, this way I had to call their customer support, which turned out to support the customer. Quite a surprise in the field.

So far the best home internet I have experienced in Europe.