working on a call center of volunteers

http://directionless.info T Direcionless Enquiries is a project with http://theps.net T The People Speak. The prototype is a at http://directionless.info, it has a http://uo.directionless.info T wiki and a http://one.server1.org/mailman/listinfo/directionless-l T mailing list. Some obervations while reading around on voip-info.org * There are queues in *, in which agents or other extensions can be placed * If someone call in, asterisk than call the corroponding queue * Maybe you can define an extension as Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@fwd-outgoing)? * You use Dial to connect the currenct caller to an extension * exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/8500@sip.com:9876) seems to be a valid dial as well (sip channels) Test setup * We need more or less 3 Telephones - one user, two agents. The agents could possibly be replaced * by some * app, echo,mp3, etc. * About agents: as we need to implement economy later on, we might be better of using an agi/dial combo than using queue/agent.