searching for good places to dance

http://www.norwichtango.com/ T Norwich Tango, Norwich, Friday. This is where I made first contact with tango. Very friendly, welcoming athmosphere. Enjoyable, relaxed, good teaching. I am really glad that I could started there, and I am looking forward to go there later on. Beginners classes are emphasizing the 'presence', having a good frame. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/octavian.janner/tangoinlondon/index.htm T oktango, London, near Warren Street Station, London. Tuesdays. Seems to be in the middle of some office area of London. Better suited for other people. The teaching in the beginners class as such was good, but the whole athmosphere was quite to tense for me. http://www.zerohouruk.com/ T Zero Hour, Tufnell Park, London. Went there on a Wednesday. Amazingly good dancers there for the milonga. The class before that was intermediate (too advanced for me), but I enjoyed it a lot. Focused teaching and practice, but still with enough fun. As I learned the next day, when I tried to recover things I had forgotten there - absolutely helpfull and friendly people. Thanks a lot Al! A while later I went to the beginners class, which was good. The teacher was really friendly, but maybe because of the other beginners not being beginners at all, the steps being taught were a bit complicated. But good fun. http://www.londonwelsh.org/ T The Welsh Center, London, Friday. The beginners class was taught with a focus on steps, in a structured way. Bit of classroom feeling. Interesting mix of people. I did not see the upstairs dancing, because the venue was not available on that day. funky monkey, London, Sunday. Very special class. Nice venue above a bar, looking very adequate. I enjoyed the teaching very much. Andy, a professional teacher, emphasized three things: improv, leaning into the partner, and leading from the hip/kara/whatever. Interesting way to learn dancing with one hand in the pocket. Also passes on theory, also in the form of little printouts. I really liked the image he drew of tango. The group was quite small when I was there, but that did not matter. Friendly people, relaxed athmosphere. I will return. Not sure, if that is because or despite that this class is so different from the others. http://www.elonce.dircon.co.uk/html/monday_night_classes.html T Elonce at The Crypt, London, Monday. Nice setting in the crypt of a church. I went to the ongoing beginners (or so) class, the first class after the main beginners course. Friendly group. Quite some emphasis on the steps, less on the posture etc. Might be, because it was not a beginners class.