onyx boox m92 experience

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Notes on the experience with the onyx boox m92

12 December 2011

It has great zoom features for pdfs

It would be great if one could select a zoom area with the pen, and then use the arrow keys to 'jump' block-by-block in the page, a bit like the column mode in the pocketbook.

Some pdfs (e.g. plone4 from packtpub) just don't work at all (using briss helps though)

the dept epub does not work with fbreader - it has twice the amount of pages, and only jumps to even pages.

the dept epub gets rendered correctly, but jumping back and forth with the footnotes (which really are endnotes) does not work. Well, jumping to the endnotes is easy, but going back doesn't work.

The content bar at the bottom of the pdfs/epubs is really nice, allows easy jumping.

Highlighting/annotating in pdfs seems to work most of the time. Sometimes it doesn't react, or just doesn't want to mark certain areas, but it seems to be somewhat usable.

The annotations are not integrated into the table of contents. Good and bad imho.

The export format of the annotations is some 'obscure' sqlite database. Maybe there exists a script to do something with the content?

Quite responsive interface.

No multitasking. No easy jumping between titles. The list of last opened books on the homescreen is too short for that.

The webbrowser is not great, but good enough for reading articles etc.

I have no idea on how to make the browser immediately go to 'my' custom url on startup. There are the 'onyx' and 'wikipedia' links, but I don't know how to add urls there.

Disabling animated images would be great.

It doesn't seem to be possible to change fonts (for epubs) in the pdfreader.

The cover is actually quite nice and usuable

I have the impression that onyx is quite serious about open source: https://github.com/onyx-intl

13 December 2011