opinion tool


Thinking about a sample application for dolmen, maybe useful for a political party?

The Pirateparty (pp) has some political positions that I quite like. But what about the opinion on all the other political issues. And who decides what that issue is? And would I like to see reprentatives within the party deciding that for me?




I'd rather see a website where all members of the pp can



Instead of asking the captain of the ship you ask the whole crew, constantly, all the time.



The system has unique users, who need to authenticate. Users get either created by admins, subscribe themself and get approved by an admin, or are taken from an external source. User have the properties



Admins can create groups. Groups have groupadmins and subscribers. Subscription might need approval by a groupadmin. Groupadmins can subscribe members, who need to approve that. The purpose of groups is to later to restrict voting on issues to certain groups (e.g. from a geographic area)




Issues can be created by anyone. Issues have


unique id





Issues can be open to all, or restricted to members of groups.


Discussing issues

Issues can be discussed, in a threaded form. Those who can vote on an issue can discuss the issue. Discussion items are owned by the author.


Voting on an issue

A user can vote on an issue, according to the type of the issue. The vote can be changed later on. A user will see all the issues she voted on.


The results of an issue

The results of an issue get displayed all the time.  The result includes a statement about partizipation, e.g. how many of all possible participants did cast their vote. It is possible to take snapshots of the result. A snapshot includes a timestamp and all elements of the result of an issue, but not the individual votes.


Leaving the system

When a user gets removed from the system