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plone mcs

by Jörg Baach last modified Jan 09, 2009 04:39 PM
Plone mutual credit system - how would I built a system to create a lets, time dollar etc. scheme?

Components of the system


A currency can be time dollar, greenbuck, whatever one chooses to use

  • id
  • title
  • nickname
  • description
  • icon
  • selfjoin/invitation only
  • default credit limit
  • Credit limit per member



Transactions are multi currency movements between participants. One side can create one, the other side needs to accept the transaction to make it valid

  • id (random id)
  • title (reason, subject)
  • description
  • amount
  • sender (can only be selected by currency admins, otherwise creator)
  • target

These transactions get stored in a currency. Obviously, transactions that would violate credit limits would not be allowed


Multi currency transaction form

This would allow to create transactions that involve multiple currencies. This is just a helper form, it actually does not add any new object to the system

  • title (reason, subject)
  • description
  • sender (always the creator)
  • target
  • amount per currency (only shared currencies between sender and target)

This form would have a 'make transaction button', which would then generate the transactions in all currencies.


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