pocketbook 903 experience

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Notes on the experience in using the pocketbook 903

12 December 2011

The cover feels like a tank, and weighs as much as the reader itself. But its super sticky, which means you can use it actually quite nice as a stopper mat to lean the reader against e.g. the seat in front of you in the train.

Annotation of pdfs is a very mixed issue:

Jumping between pages shows the last opened pages. Actually very useful for e.g. main text and endnotes

The browser doesn't have a decent zoom level menu. Well, there is one, but its really hard to use with the pen.

The sshd client on the pocketbook is really useful - it allows content transfer without closing all apps and books.

There isn't a generic folder based explorer, or I need to check how to start it in a useful way

One needs to use briss for next to all pdfs. Zooming in doesn't really work that well.

The column mode for multi column pdfs is actually quite nice.

Selecting a proper font for the epubs is a huge improvement.

The keyboard/address bar integration in the browser worked quite fine up to firmware 2.1.2 rc2. After that it just sucks, imho. Would be great if they reverted back, but that current state is next to unusable.

13 December 2011