portable hub


I like The Hub, and would like to take it with me

I am a digital nomad, a laptop worker without a steady office. The advantages of that is that I don't need to be at any place, the main disadvantage is that most of the time (here in Dublin) I am working alone, which is quite boring after a while.

Now, when I am in London, its a different story, there is The Hub. The Hub itself is a rather nice shared office space  in angel, where you can rent out hotdesks for a couple of hours a month, days, weeks or the whole time. But that is just the building, the space. The bit which in the end is much more interesing are the people working there - lots of projects concerned with social change, sustainability and ethical business. Some of the most interesting people I have met - and all in one room. This makes coffee breaks there so darn interesting, and people learn a lot from each other. Just hanging out there is inspiring.

To my knowledge there is nothing similiar to The Hub in Dublin. Now my idea is to have something like portable hub. The Portable Hub. Basically a group of laptop workers who join each other working at different places in the city. A cafe on one day, a library on the other, maybe a park on sunny days? It would be an open arrangement, basically not much more than a notification when the caravan is moving where. Come and go as you please.

What would be required? Maybe a website, to announce the meeting point, and show who the members are. Then we need the poeple themselfes, so word needs to be spread. Most important are welcoming places, cafes, hotels and other spaces which are open to the public, and ideally provide free or cheap internet .