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Selecting access point only once

by Jörg Baach last modified May 13, 2009 12:51 AM
When using urllib the 'select access point dialog points up all too frequent. But its possible to fix that

With browsing the python s60 forum I was got the impression that

sys.modules['socket'] = __import__('btsocket')

would override the socket module with the btsocket, but it didn't. The 'usual'

apid = socket.select_access_point()
apo = socket.access_point(apid)

did not show any effects when doing urllib.urlopen calls after that - the dialog opens every single time.

The solution seems to be using socket for ip connections, and btsocket for bluetooth stuff.

import socket
import appuifw

aps = [ap['name'] for ap in socket.access_points()]
apid = appuifw.popup_menu(aps,u'select access point')

import urllib
print 'baach'
print 'google'
print 'fini'

The trick is that socket.set_default_access_point takes unicode access point names, in contrast to the btsocket.set_default_access_point, which wants to have an access point object.


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