Python and neo4j on the oculus quest

python, neo4j, vr

Great, python and neo4j can run on the oculus quest.

A silly saturday morning project: can I run neo4j on the oculus quest itself?

The basic idea is to install termux on the quest, which gives you a linux env, which is capable of running python. The heavy lifting is described here: https://assadollahi.de/developing-for-the-oculus-quest-on-the-oculus-quest/

Next step is to install java on termux: https://github.com/MasterDevX/Termux-Java

After that comes neo4j. This can be uploaded and started, but calling ...:7474 will give an error message about the "Service is unavailable". Looking in the logs reveals that jetty crashes because "Parent for temp dir not configured correctly: writeable=false".

So one needs to set a custom tmp directory. I created one, and not knowing anything about java just set the required variable in the  bin/neo4j script:

$ diff neo4j.orig neo4j
<   retval=("${JAVA_CMD}" "-cp" "${CLASSPATH}" "${JAVA_OPTS[@]}" "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" "${MAIN_CLASS}" \
>   retval=("${JAVA_CMD}" "-cp" "${CLASSPATH}" "${JAVA_OPTS[@]}" "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" "-Djava.io.tmpdir=/data/data/com.termux/files/home/tmp" "${MAIN_CLASS}" \

Next step: create a VR graph editor :-)