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rss aggregation

by Jörg Baach last modified Sep 24, 2007 03:06 PM
searching for a nice way to implement / use rss aggregation in plone


  • Users should be able to subscribe to local as well as remote feeds
  • The feeds should be pulled down only once per server
  • The display of the feeds should be on the users page
  • There should be a way to handle keywords, e.g. one user subsribes to, and another one to (what does this really mean?)
  • The system should be able to put out feeds itself - so a subscription (or a collection of subscriptions) can become a feed itself - a bit like smartfolders

Existing products

plonerss (

Needs mysql for storing the data


Seems to be a bit unfinished, requires configuration in the zmi


Seems to only support atom, and does not support multiple duplicate subscriptions from users


Only rss creation, no inbound feeds

2 years since the last checkin

Does not quite do work, I can add a subscription manager, but thats it


Own Product

Users subscribe to feeds. When viewing their subscription, they see the updated entries. Their subscription becomes a feed itself. Pretty much like a smartfolder.
The subscription can contain other subscriptions, their feeds will be combined. (Check circlesubscription here). A subscription might provide a portlet or something of that sort.

  • Subscription
    • link
    • the rest is fetched from the feed that is generated in the feedmanager
    • oncreate: call Feedmanager.addFeed(link)
  • Feedmanager (just a folder or a tool maybe?)
    • updateFeeds
    • addFeed(link)
  • Feed
    • title
    • link
    • description
    • date
    • date_parsed
    • etag
    • modified
    • updateFeed
  • Feeditem
    • title
    • link
    • description
    • date
    • date_parsed
    • id

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