voice navigation in ovi maps on n900


Trying to to what Nokia won't - research notes

A thread on talk.maemo.org is the main source for the idea to modify the ovi maps on the device so that we get voice navigation. Now the first problem (as can seen in the thread) was to get the maps running on the firefox on xp. On top of the plugin posted in the thread, I also found an installer xpi somewhere on the net (Nokia, please tell me if I shouldn't distribute it, it was downloadable so I assume its ok). With the plugin installed, I now disabled one line of code in the index.html that was supplied by Blaizzen - line 17217, basically the call to create the icon for the manoeuvre:

prefetchMapIcons: function (aIconUrlArray) {
     for (var i = 0, len = aIconUrlArray.length; i < len; i++) {
        var icon = aIconUrlArray[i];
        //this._pluginControl.createIconFromUrl(icon, nokia.aduno.utils.bind(this, this._onIconPreloaded, [icon]))

Next steps:

  1. There is an error when searching for a location, I get an createHttpRequest() is blocked
  2. Getting the icon back to work
  3. See how I can manually convince the system of my gps position
  4. manipulate the gps position
  5. are there events triggered when coming close to a position?
  6. if so, can we use them to call another url (e.g. a little sound server)?


UPDATE: the thread mentioned above gets more and more interesting. Too bad I don't have more time today, it seems that a first version of voice nav isn't that far away. Maybe my little talk server hack can help?