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mikroartikel    May 03, 2021
Ueber Mikroartikel, eine Idee zum Wissensmanagement, von von Wilke
Ausgangssperren    Apr 26, 2021
Was bringt es, wenn ich nachts nicht mehr alleine im Wald spazieren darf?
Asus VG289Q    Apr 05, 2021
Setting up the Asus VG289Q
Pycharm broken mermaid diagrams in markdown files    Mar 26, 2021
When displaying a mermaid diagram in a markdown file for the second time, the image of the display actually doesn't get displayed.
Running ubuntu on a thinkpad t14 AMD    Mar 22, 2021
I leave the windows lands to return to the ubuntu realm.
Python and neo4j on the oculus quest    Jan 25, 2021
Great, python and neo4j can run on the oculus quest.
Finding a decent 4k UHD 32" Monitor    Oct 29, 2020
About finding a new large monitor, and calibrating it.
fixing the trackpoint on ubuntu    Oct 21, 2020
The trackpoint acts jumpy (again). How can I fix it?
Airprint from ipad to canon mb5150    Oct 06, 2020
short version: install the root certificate from the printers web ui
Better writing with the apple pencil on the ipad    Jul 08, 2020
Writing on the ipad is a slippery affair. My search for a better solution.
Projects    Jun 24, 2020
a sample of my work
Fixing (ghost) touch issues on the x1 tablet - 2nd try    May 07, 2020
tl;dr: it may be just a cable
Fixing ghost touches on the x1 tablet (1st gen)    May 07, 2020
tl;dr: replace the screen
Installing compiled python eggs on windows using pycharm    Apr 17, 2020
I'd like to be able to install eggs in pycharm that get compiles
Numba and Cuda on Windows (using pip)    Dec 22, 2019
How to install numba to run with a nvidia card on windows.
A self describing graph schema    May 03, 2019
2 years ago Christoph Pingel and myself designed a self describing graph schema.
Python, CUDA and graphs    Nov 30, 2018
Some notes on how to use python, numba and CUDA for graphs. The aim is to run graph algorithms on a GPU using python, and numba.cuda as a bridge.
Compiling python extensions in windows 10    Sep 06, 2018
Downloading and compiling python extensions from pypi, also using pycharm
thunderbird white background for text messages    Sep 06, 2018
An easy fix for the grey background of text messages in thunderbird.
Impressum + Datenschutz    May 25, 2018
Das rechtlich notwendige Impressum und die Datenschutzerkläung gemäß DSGVO
A problem with neo4j's db.schema()?    Apr 26, 2018
Is there a problem with db.schema showing wrong results?
neo4j full text indexing - limited to 32k    Oct 10, 2017
Research into full text indexing for neo4j
day rate    Mar 28, 2017
How to calculate a dayrate
Installing python buildout with readline    Feb 25, 2017
Compiling python using buildout.python doesn't work with readline. Fixed.
Fonts on Ubuntu - revamped    Jan 25, 2017
Good font rendering is possible! :-)
Jörg Baach    Mar 18, 2016
Welcome, please enter!
i18n and plone    Nov 08, 2015
How to do i18n related tasks in plone
Getting started with Jena, Fuseki and OWL Reasoning    Jul 23, 2015
I want to research some RDF features. How do I setup a fuseki server with owl reasoning?
neo4j manual as epub    Jul 23, 2015
dbpedia and neo4j (first steps II)    Jul 23, 2015
Importing dbpedia data into neo4j. Its fast (if you do it right). And indexing can be solved.
neo4j performance compared to mysql    Jul 23, 2015
I try to validate the performance claims and comparisons in the 'Graph Database' book. Using the friend-of-a-friend example from the book I get very different results. neo4j performs worse then mysql in my observation.
neo4j performance compared to graphagus    Jul 23, 2015
A performance comparison between neo4j and graphagus, a small property graph database written in python as a thin layer on top of ZODB.
A comparison of five ebook readers    Jun 04, 2015
Comparing the Sony PRS-T1, the book T68, the pocketbook 903, the boox M96 with pen support and the prototype of a boox M96 with touch support, especially when it comes to reading PDFs
plone: removing (portlet)renderers from the cache    Jun 03, 2015
I have a testing setup which runs some tests on a live site. This lead to strange errors when running specific tests at the same time. Caching is the problem.
Bürgerverfassung für Europa    Dec 08, 2014
Der Vertrag von Lissabon taugt nicht. Was aber nicht heissen soll, dass eine Verfassung schlecht ist. Anstatt in eine Bürokratur abzurutschen, könnten sich die Bürger 'einfach' selber eine Verfassung geben. Wo doch schon alle Macht vom Volk ausgehen soll.....
patentverbrechen    Dec 08, 2014
Eine Anzeige, die seinerzeit erstattet wurde
patching fonera to use the dd-wrt firmware    Nov 14, 2014
Lets turn the fonera device into something more powerful
Embed pdf viewer in firefox (29+) using mozplugger    May 19, 2014
How to get pdfs embedded in webpages after the upgrade to ubuntu trusty with firefox 29.
Development with cordova / phonegap    Feb 20, 2014
Getting started with cordova / phonegap
LAMP TUTORIAL    Oct 23, 2013
a rather outdated tutorial
what is using my disk    Jul 30, 2013
I can hear disk access on my home server, whats causing it?
Setting up phonegap to use from the command line    Jul 25, 2013
How do I setup a phonegap development environment, and a phonegap project itself? Without using eclipse?
Working examples for the 'Graph Databases' book    Jul 25, 2013
The examples in the 'Graph Databases' book don't work out of the box. I've modified them, so that they do work (for chapter 3, that is).
First steps with neo4j    Jul 15, 2013
I was finally pointed to neo4j, a graph database. First notes and observations.
The price of an NDA    Apr 12, 2013
My thoughts on signing non-disclosure agreements
Executing restricted code as a different user in plone    Apr 08, 2013
Restricted code executing under a different user id from a browser view in plone
wacom bamboo on lucid, with dual monitor    Mar 27, 2013
I want to get a bamboo pen and touch (3rd edition) working.
trackpoint on windows 7 64bit    Mar 15, 2013
I have an usb ibm travel keyboard, with trackpoint and touchpad. On linux it works out of the box, but how to get it run on windows 7 64 bit?
Preventing etxternal usb 3 hard disk from going to sleep    Feb 17, 2013
I have an Toshiba store.e external USB 3 harddisk, that goes to sleep after a while, basically dissappearing from my ubuntu machine. How can I prevent that?
Filesystem changes in linux    Dec 06, 2012
I would like to have a program that monitors any changes to the filesystem, accross all users. How can it be done?
Understanding CMFEditions    Jul 17, 2012
It seems I have way too much stuff in the portal history for objects that don't longer exits. What can I do? And how does it all work?
Using the catalog in plone command line scripting    Jul 17, 2012
When running a command line script with 'bin/instance run <script>' the catalog always returns 0 results. Why?
webgl in firefox on a t400 (intel gpu) with ubuntu lucid    Mar 14, 2012
I have a t400 with the intel graphics chip. How can I enable webgl?
publishing plone content to twitter    Feb 26, 2012
Comparison of pocketbook 903 and onyx boox m92    Feb 17, 2012
I got a onyx boox m92 testing unit for review. As I own the pocketbook 903, I can finally compare those side by side.
plone: can't edit admin user in personalize_form if remember is installed    Jan 31, 2012
As soon as remember is installed I can't edit the admin user settings in personalize_form anymore. Why is this?
onyx boox m92 experience    Dec 13, 2011
Notes on the experience with the onyx boox m92
pocketbook 903 experience    Dec 13, 2011
Notes on the experience in using the pocketbook 903
rsh on boox m92    Dec 13, 2011
getting a remote shell on the m92
downloading rtsp streams    Nov 08, 2011
Downloading some recordings from the plone symposium east 2011 site.
Ebooks and readers    Nov 06, 2011
Searching for a new ebook reader
mms on the n900    Nov 06, 2011
how to setup the n900 for receiving and sending mms.
disable the accelerometer on the n900    Nov 06, 2011
There is a attack that uses the accelerometers to 'sniff' passwords. I would like to disable them.
python sql notes    Jun 30, 2011
thinks to remember when working with python, mysql and maybe sqlalchemy
fighting    May 25, 2011
n900 fun    Apr 25, 2011
Notes on the experience with the n900
metafs    Apr 10, 2011
writing a small fs that can be used to index content, have proper links between objects etc.
llfuse    Apr 08, 2011
What could be done with a virtual filesystem bases on llfuse?
kite energy systems    Mar 24, 2011
Links and pointers for kite based energy systems
some notes on reading up on financial crypto ideas    Mar 12, 2011
repair /var/lib/dpkg/status    Mar 09, 2011
Sometimes I can't use apt-get remove because of some "grep-status: /var/lib/dpkg/status:12345: expected a colon'.
sanitizing html with python    Mar 07, 2011
I need to sanititze html input before rendering on a page. Use case is a rich text editor. How can I prevent xss attacks?
starting ipython from normal python prompt    Feb 16, 2011
sometimes I need to start ipython from a normal python prompt, eg. bin/debug in a bfg environment
more ram    Jan 27, 2011
I need more ram for the t400
automatic style switching and css    Jan 24, 2011
plone.css produces different content depending on how I access the plone site. This is ackward.
adding new keywords by all members in plone    Jan 20, 2011
Sometimes its the simple stuff that takes the longest to find: what permission do I need to set to allow allow members to add new keywords to content in plone?
voice navigation in ovi maps on n900    Jan 13, 2011
Trying to to what Nokia won't - research notes
lucid dreaming python widget on n900    Jan 03, 2011
a slightly more readable (and slightly modified) script that I found when looking for desktop widgets in python on the n900
zopeedit for all users on a *nix machine    Dec 11, 2010
I needed to configure firefox for all users on unix machine to use zopeedit.
plone lifecycle events    Nov 29, 2010
Understanding which (standard) events are fired when in plone
Antwort des Petitionsausschusses    Nov 26, 2010
Hab eine Antwort erhalten. Na ja, so was wie ne Antwort.
Nice fonts for printing in ubuntu    Nov 16, 2010
Somehow my printouts look bad. What can I do?
Ein blogeintrag    Nov 13, 2010
Ein Testeintrag aus dem Kurs
plone request map    Nov 12, 2010
Mikko created a great map of a plone request. Really useful!
story of a request    Nov 04, 2010
What does actually happen on a request?
getting unoconv to work on a centos server    Oct 13, 2010
For installing our intranet system I try to get unoconv to run on a centos server.
Now with SSL    Oct 04, 2010
I have switched to SSL
Freelance Verträge    Sep 30, 2010
Worauf ich bei einem Freelancer-Vertrag achte
mobile phone criteria    Aug 21, 2010
What do I want from a mobile phone?
what are rrules (hint: they are part of the icalendar standard)    Jul 26, 2010
I'd like to understand the vs.event recurrence tab, and the settings in there. When looking at the source, some dateutil.rrule is important. But what is it?
slow network in ubuntu    Jun 09, 2010
especially command line network utilities (wget etc.) take a long time to resolve names, but only behind certain routers.
sound in ubuntu    Jun 07, 2010
how I solve my sound issues
font rendering issues on ubuntu    May 17, 2010
Some notes on how to fix ugly fonts in ubuntu
Lapchop - a foldable laptop stand below 20g, made from recycled parts    May 12, 2010
Want to have a laptop stand? Want to have it portable? Want it to be cheap?
membrane, groups and roles    Apr 12, 2010
Research notes
Why do I have connection timeouts (imap, thunderbird)    Mar 11, 2010
Sometimes, usually around noon, thunderbird gets connection timeouts when connecting to the mailprovider
does deliverance deliver?    Feb 10, 2010
Testing deliverance
disable the touchpad / ultranav on my external keyboard    Feb 08, 2010
I like the red little pointing device that thinkpads have, also on the external keyboard. So, how can I disable the touchpad that I never ever use?
creating a plone 3 site from buildout    Feb 02, 2010
How do create a plone 3 site using buildout again? Using ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)?
mimicking unix fs permissions in plone / zope    Jan 19, 2010
I would like to have the same behaviour as in unix fs: if in /foo/bar/baz bar is 700, normal users can't access baz no matter what. How to do the same in zope and plone?
privacy and freedom    Jan 12, 2010
Whatever you have ever said or done will continue to be used against you for the rest of your life...Privacy is ultimately about liberty.
thumbnail creation    Dec 18, 2009
How can I create thumbnails icons of files, icons that are actually a preview of the content?
decentralized content on the web    Nov 05, 2009
We don't like ebay, twitter, facebook and all the other data silos. We have the internet, everybody can have a blog, website or any other publishing tool. There are search engines. And microformats. So, why not decentralize it?
Meinungsbild-Maschine    Jun 20, 2009
Wie könnte man in einer Partei jederzeit ein Bild dazu bekommen, was die Basis zu allen möglichen Themen meint?
opinion tool    Jun 19, 2009
Thinking about a sample application for dolmen, maybe useful for a political party?
first steps with dolmen    Jun 17, 2009
Dolmen is a product to make life with zope3/grok easy and fun. A bit like playing lego. My first steps into it are, of course, about building a wiki.
fixing compiz    Jun 13, 2009
Compiz sometimes does not work as I expect
epointsystem    Jun 13, 2009
I came across another system for electronic payments today, epoints. Some findings about it.
finding out our own ip    Jun 13, 2009
How to find out the mobile phones ip when using normal the normal socket module ( and not bt_socket)
Selecting access point only once    May 13, 2009
When using urllib the 'select access point dialog points up all too frequent. But its possible to fix that
developing on ubuntu with python for s60    May 05, 2009
some things I find out while I go along
My experience with magnet internet    Mar 31, 2009
Living abroad and getting addicted to very good internet
webmoney    Mar 14, 2009
An electronic payment system that uses wallets for transfers
software to simulate economy    Mar 14, 2009
Python based code
Food backed local currency    Mar 14, 2009
An articel about a food backed local currency
installing asterisk 1.6    Feb 13, 2009
setting up the t400    Jan 28, 2009
I got a t400, a somewhat fast, somewhat clunky machine. Of course, ubuntu needs to be installed
plone mcs    Jan 09, 2009
Plone mutual credit system - how would I built a system to create a lets, time dollar etc. scheme?
clipboard    Jul 27, 2008
my place to keep urls and text pieces for cut and copying
dvdterror    Jul 17, 2008
Illegale dvds finanzieren den Terror - so gesehen an den Bushaltestellen in London (im Standteil Islington)
keyboard troubles    Apr 16, 2008
My w key broke, but was reborn and is now know as W the White.
Setting up a freeswitch conference server    Apr 11, 2008
I had problems running asterisk in an openvz setup, so I thought freeswitch might be an alternative.
understanding ldapuserfolder    Feb 06, 2008
Researching the use of ldapuserfolder, a zope product
Installting listen on plone 2.5    Dec 08, 2007
How do get listen running in plone 2.5
plone products    Oct 27, 2007
searching the plone world for interesting products
discussion system    Oct 27, 2007
a couple of thoughts on discussion systems
non violence    Oct 04, 2007
having a first read on the topic
using archetypes    Oct 01, 2007
observations while building a product
Distributed opencoin    Sep 28, 2007
Can a currency be distributed in term of redeeming the value
rss aggregation    Sep 24, 2007
searching for a nice way to implement / use rss aggregation in plone
building the listing product    Sep 21, 2007
notes on building the listing product
template for notes    Sep 21, 2007
A template for notetaking
portable hub    Sep 14, 2007
I like The Hub, and would like to take it with me
tapatgary    Sep 14, 2007
Got the mouse somewhat connected to freewheelin
selenium_testing    Sep 14, 2007
can selenium really replace funkload
unicode    May 24, 2007
Fun with unicode, aka the limbo of coding    May 02, 2007
I want my notes to be encrypted
understanding_i18n    Apr 27, 2007
if I travel the world, so should my software
hibernation    Sep 17, 2006
end of insomnia - my laptop goes to sleep again...
copycan_licenses    Sep 16, 2006
Public domain or gpl or ...?
easyjet_reimbursement    Aug 25, 2006
EU Regulations meet easyjet in real life
EssentialZopeProducts    Jul 27, 2006
What I really need for working with Zope
impressum    Jul 25, 2006
ich uebernehme wirklich keine Verantwortung fuer die Links auf dieser Seite
fonts    Jun 06, 2006
fonts should better be funky than funny
de    May 24, 2006
working on a call center of volunteers
tangoplaces    May 08, 2006
searching for good places to dance
gnomecrash    Apr 30, 2006
an easy way to waste a day
wifibridging    Apr 22, 2006
use a bufallo airstation wla2-g54c to bridge a belkin f5d7633-4 adsl modem
lamp_tutorial.html    Apr 22, 2006
a rather outdated tutorial
debugging_zope_ipython    Apr 21, 2006
how to get a decent debugging environment
testfoo    Apr 17, 2006
empty description
errors_in_zope    Apr 17, 2006
how to have readable Exceptions
hypertext    Apr 17, 2006
it has been around for a really long, long time
SkinnedFolderFun    Apr 05, 2006
How to have security for files in the filesystem with Skinned Folder / FileSystemsite
zcatalog    Mar 29, 2006
Playing around with Zopes ZCatalog
on_zwarehouse    Mar 26, 2006
Observations of a shop system
zope_errors_and_transactions    Feb 16, 2006
How to abort a transaction
zope_security_observations    Feb 16, 2006
Findings about zopes security mechanism
traversal_before_auth    Feb 15, 2006
why does my zsql traversal only work if the parent folder has "access contents information' set?
home    Feb 13, 2006
empty description
c2    Feb 13, 2006
After doing an apt-get upgrade on my debian the backslash/underscore key did not work anymore. Thanks to, it works now
plonebook    Feb 13, 2006
why do I always forget the most simple things - and never learned sed/awk?
c1    Feb 13, 2006
fdsa bla bla
about_me    Dec 26, 2005
empty description